CP3P Course Packages

Intensive sessions and practical analysis of the PPP Guide to adequately prepare candidates for the Certification examination and for quality work as PPP practitioners

This package is designed for Candidates that are actively studying the PPP guide developed by APMG and are ready to sit the Certification examination.

The level of readiness will be assessed before the certification examination is administered.

This package is made available for Candidates who are ready for the Certification Examination and do not require any further review of the PPP Guide.


The CP3P is an innovation of the World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks, and part funded by the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF). It was developed to foster a common understanding amongst PPP Practitioners, and aims to promote consistency of processes used in PPPs and the PPP lifecycle.
It is based on the PPP Guide, written by a team of authors who are outstanding PPP practitioners from around the world and it brings together best practices from many countries. and aims to bring a consistency of processes used in PPPs. The CP3P status is the symbolic output of a distinctive examination-based Public-Private Partnership (PPP) certification program developed and managed by APMG International, U.K. There are three levels within the certification program. This training is for the Foundation level which is a prerequisite for the other levels. It tests the capability of the candidate to act as an informed member of any PPP project team.


The CP3P training offers in-depth insight into all phases of a PPP process and therefore equips professionals and practitioners with the required knowledge to effectively participate in the inception, preparation and execution of successful PPP projects.
The CP3P Certification carries a global credibility which provides awardees with a competitive advantage. The foundation level is a prerequisite to the preparation and execution levels.


Given the breadth of public sector offices and individual resources implicated in the PPP spectrum, participation for the CP3P training and examination is for staff of project departments across ministries, departments and agencies of government, and development partners, banks, and private firms involved in PPPs. Individuals working on PPPs or interested in learning about PPPs, regardless of discipline or sector can take the foundation training and examination course