At Weircapacity, every project is unique and context is paramount. Our three pronged approach to consulting and advisory services, Measure – Manage – Maintain, is designed to provide our clients with the capacity to recognize, respond, and adapt to change.

The 3M model is intended to support knowledge, capacity, and ultimately the performance improvement of our clients in sustaining service delivery.

We understand the challenges that surround the implementation of strategies in Africa, and therefore our commitment is to work with you to achieve envisioned change.

Our first step to providing services is a comprehensive appraisal of the situation, achieved through physical measurements, interviews, evaluation exercises, analysis of existing information, and due diligence assessment. We strongly agree with the saying that “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”. Our aim is to provide our clients with the capacity to take feasible and sustainable decisions, based on data.

Focus areas for measurement include;

  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Financial and Economic
  • Technical and Engineering
  • Managerial and Operational

Performance improvement is about “walking the talk”, and overcoming the initial inertia in the implementation of plans is very challenging. We therefor “walk” with you through the change process, while supporting you in the delivery of your core business activities.

To sustain desired service levels, and preserve from decline or failure, there is need to maintain the cycle of measurement, management, and reforms. Weircapacity works with clients to develop a system for consistent performance assessment, knowledge management, and capacity building. We also engage with multiple sources where expertise and experience can be drawn from for twinning and knowledge sharing relationships.

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